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June 2022
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PostSubject: ▶ GUILD RULES   ▶ GUILD RULES EmptyFri Aug 08, 2014 3:12 pm

Grand Objective
To be a guild where good coexistence will be above everything.
Where the results come not from internal demands or dispute, but rather as a natural result of it's members cooperation.

Diamond Rule
AURA is a guild made of people playing for fun and that dedicate themselves to the game progression. Play to win! But not sacrificing work, study, other hobbies, significant others, children or even pets.

The AURA Guild is a guild for mature-minded & family orientated people:
- No one is better than no one;
- Everyone can take a no or a constructive critic as an answer;
- We respect the limits when it comes to joking;
- You don't win every day;
- Every opinion matters.
* If you don't agree with any of those rules get the backing from other guild members and they can be changed.


Guild Influence
The Influence Point distribution will be decided by the guild members. Each week the members will vote on where the points will be used on Architecture, Art of War, Economy or Politics. Ties will be solved by a simple majority vote between the Officers/Guild Leader and in case of another tie the Guild Leader will have the final word.

PvE, WvW, sPvP/eSport
The person playing the game is the one deciding what they do with there time, but doing stuff together is nicer.
All Guild organized events will have set times so the guild can organize and optimize its time better.
Unstructured / random event's will be self-organized by the person wishing to do it, since they require less people.

It's healthy to distribute loot that you aren't going to use around the guild, but you are not forced to. The guild only expects some cooperation between members during item exchanges.

Voice Chat
Voice chat is required during the guild events and encouraged always as possible (even when you are not playing). As a minimal requirement, we will be happy with those wishing to listen and typing to chat back. Not everyone is in an isolated room when playing. In addition, not everyone is going to listen to voice chat through headphones, so please remember people have families and keep the language toned down.

Invites to the guild are open, provided that the person agrees with the guild rules. Any interested people should apply on the guild website and ask for an invite in game. New members have to adequate themselves to the guild environment.

Inactive & "non-Representing" members
"Inactive" members will only be removed if the guild reaches the max number of people (500 at the moment), starting by the oldest. Even so, this player will continue to be considered a guild member on forums and voice chat. It's common to have former players that enter the voice chat only to chat with other members. However, members who are active in game but NEVER "represent" the guild at least once during a 6 week period without first posting in the guilds A.F.G section will be removed from the guild following an in-game mail & off-game mail being sent as notification.

Member Conduct
No small print here! You are not better or deserve no-more attention than any other guild member.
We have a zero diva fit policy. People playing the game have nothing to do with your bad day at work or school or fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband, etc.
If you have problems with someone on the guild, privately talk to that member and solve your problems in an adult manner. If that doesn't work talk to the Officers and Guild Leader so they can take some action.

In Game It's forbidden:
- To use any kind of hack, bot or exploit (you will get banned from the guild and reported)
- To be too aggressive when undercutting.
- To deliberately deceive a member of the guild.

Forums / Sites / Social Medias
AURA wants to be the best environment for mature people to have fun. Be positive when promoting the guild by citing achievements and victories, don't attack other players or guilds.
- We don't start fights;
- We don't enter fights;
- We don't provoke fights;
Flaming and trolling is a waste of time.

Breaking the Rules
What you just read is only a basic good behavior guide that works very well. If you are not in the mood and thinks that no one has anything to do with how you play your game maybe you should change your attitude before a much needed guild kick is in order.

Both the Guild Leader and Officers are included in the "No one is better than anyone" rule, they only have more responsibilities than the rest of the guild.

Don't be shy about criticizing or offering suggestions about stuff you think that is wrong. Send a private message to the Guild Leader or Officers and we will always be willing to answer anything.
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