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January 2019
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PostSubject: GUILD ADVERT   Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:44 pm

*Visit: www.GW2Aura.Wix.Com/Home to Join*

About The Guild:
AURA is an EU guild based on the Gandara server but we accept players from all servers, As we are mostly EU players our guild operates within a UTC 00:00 timescale meaning optimised Guild activity is between: 1600hrs - 2300hrs UTC. If you play within those times you will benefit the most.

What We Offer:
Although AURA is small compared to some guilds, this is a strength and not a weakness as it allows us to ensure EVERYONE gets a voice, All guild desicions are made by Member vote's and guild promotions are based upon members feedback, this allows the guild to operate a 100% Fair to All system.

AURA has a mixture of New players & Veteran players but all are happy to help others where they can, The guild offers its members Guild Guides on content, gold making, crafting, classes & builds along with Teamspeak 3 and ofcourse this forum.

Why Join Us?:
AURA was founded on Equality & Frienship & our members have joined for many reasons, some being:
"I was in a large guild but no-one helped"
"I was in a new guild who didnt know anything"
"I havent joined a guild before"
but speak to any AURA member who has been with us for 1week+ and they will tel lyou the following:
"The guild is very helpful, i understand alot more about gw2 now"
"The guild is very supportive, i needed help and suddenly there was a member offering help"
"I feel like i matter to the guild, i dont contribute much as im new to GW2, but even so i still feel like i make a difference"

All of the Above are Actual comments from members...

So what are you waiting for?.. Join us!
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